Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Story of my life:

So it's been a rough day and it's only 11:45 a.m.

I am a procrastinator and that is a bad habit, I get that. rabble rabble.

Anyways... last night and this morning I have been faced with many tests of my skills. Curve balls, if you will. Today I had two major papers (worth 20% of my grade in both classes) due for two seperate classes: a 4-pg min. w/ 4 interviews & 3 sources for Writing for Mass Media and a 5-7 pg. paper for Writing about Film. Oh, might I add I also have a press release due for Writing for Mass Media due at 5:30. I stayed up working on all of these assignments, expecting a good ole' college-style all-nighter. By 8 a.m., my will was dwindling; drowsiness and fatigue were setting in. To add to matters, I started feeling nauseated (thanks Lou) so I laid down.

Next thing you know I wake up and it's 10:22! (forced-pespective p-o-v). Don'tcha know I have class (that I can't miss or I FAIL) at 10:30 all the way the fuck across campus. I wish I could relay the hilarious high-pitched "AHHH!" I made when I saw the time. So, this is basically how things went down after that:

ME: (jumps out of bed, still wearing jeans and a t-shirt)
(frantically runs around bedroom - grabbing all necessary clothes in sight - first bra,
sweater, socks, etc. I saw - I put on!)
ME: (talking to myself) "SOCKS! OK! SHOES! (grabs for sneakers) SHIT, no, no, TOO SLOW. BOOTS! OKAY. UH... NOTEBOOK! PENCIL! KEYS. SHIT."

So then I hop on my bicycle where I ride like a maniac to Dale Hall, running a busy light in the knick of time, waving through cars, people, etc. Somehow... I made it to class by 10:31! Don't ask me how... but it happened. I rule... under pressure (cue David Bowie).

Then spaced out for the rest of the class because I feel zombie-fried. K BYE NOW FOOD AND SLEEP.

NOTE: Next time crunch that tests my skills, remember more layers. My face and legs are frozen. The wind was brutal today.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Seven Simple Rules For a Life In Hiding:

1. Never trust a cop in a rain coat.

2. Beware of enthusiasm and of love. Both are temporary and quick to sway.

3. When asked if you care about the world's problems, look deep into the eyes of he who asks. He will not ask you again.

4. Never give your real name.

5. When asked to look at yourself, never look.

6. Never say or do anything the person in front of you can't understand.

7. Never create anything. It will be misinterpreted. It will chain you and follow you for the rest of your life. It will never change!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Goin' to Acapulco...

This is a brand new entry... my first in 2008.
The year is coming to an end and while some are reflecting of the year, I am just ready to move on and move out. It's hard to remember a lot of the year... a part of me has been feeling like maybe I need to sober up. I am trying to change my life up a little right now and it feels refreshing. For nearly seven months of my life, I was in a bad relationship. Well, when it was good, it was great... and when it was bad, it was terrible. He was a terrible influence on me and I am trying to turn things around. I am moving to New York City next May to hang out with one of my best friends indefinitely. That sounds like a ridiculous plan. The economy is going to shit. I haven't finished school. I don't have too much money yet. All odds are against me, yet there is something driving me more than I thought possible to do this. My connection and ties to Oklahoma is dwindling. While it will always be my home, I don't feel like this place has much else to offer me. It is terrifying to just flee out of the security I have here, but I am excited for it... but nervous nonetheless. I feel like all of my friends are just moving in their separate directions, starting their own lives. Riley is off to Portland. Julie is planning on doing who knows what. Ryan is married for crying out loud. New York is my plan and my future. Adventures await me and not complacency. That's all that I need to know.