Sunday, June 24, 2007

A collection of albums.


Top 5 Favorite Albums (sorta of all-time):

1. The Good Life - Album of the Year

Every song on this album was just completely amazing to me the first time I heard it and it remains the same way every listen. It's still probably one of the most influential albums to me. Tim Kasher is amazing.

2. Saves The Day - Can't Slow Down

One of their most energetic and raw albums. The emotion and heart in every song blows me away still. I still can't believe they made this album in high school.

3. Cat Power - Moon Pix

I just recently got way into Cat Power this past year. She has become one of my favorite artists in such a short time. Chan Marshall's talent blows me away. Her songwriting talents and her range of style really stand out in this album.

4. Elliott Smith - Either/Or

Elliott Smith an exceptional and earnest songwriter in the 90s whose career ended too soon, sadly. I remember the first time I heard this album and I immediatedly fell in love. Each song still has a great meaning to me even now.

5. The Beatles - The White Album

This album was one of the first albums I seriously got into. I listened to a lot of really crappy music before this and this one just showed me the light. I think this album really showcases more of George Harrison's songwriting abilities and I love that. This album has such a variety of songs. It's one of their best.


Top 5 Albums that represent a specific time in my life:

1. Saves The Day - Through Being Cool

Saves The Day changed my whole taste in music. This album sums up Jr. High as a whole.

2. Bright Eyes - Letting Off the Happiness

This reminds me of lots of nights of just laying around listening to this during sophomore year... almost daily.

3. Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Every time I listen to this album I completely associate it with my first love.

4. Say Anything - ...Is A Real Boy

Reminds me of last summer and a lot of amazing times with Ryan.

5. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

Completely reminds me of my childhood when I'd dance to Beach Boys records.

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