Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Story of my life:

So it's been a rough day and it's only 11:45 a.m.

I am a procrastinator and that is a bad habit, I get that. rabble rabble.

Anyways... last night and this morning I have been faced with many tests of my skills. Curve balls, if you will. Today I had two major papers (worth 20% of my grade in both classes) due for two seperate classes: a 4-pg min. w/ 4 interviews & 3 sources for Writing for Mass Media and a 5-7 pg. paper for Writing about Film. Oh, might I add I also have a press release due for Writing for Mass Media due at 5:30. I stayed up working on all of these assignments, expecting a good ole' college-style all-nighter. By 8 a.m., my will was dwindling; drowsiness and fatigue were setting in. To add to matters, I started feeling nauseated (thanks Lou) so I laid down.

Next thing you know I wake up and it's 10:22! (forced-pespective p-o-v). Don'tcha know I have class (that I can't miss or I FAIL) at 10:30 all the way the fuck across campus. I wish I could relay the hilarious high-pitched "AHHH!" I made when I saw the time. So, this is basically how things went down after that:

ME: (jumps out of bed, still wearing jeans and a t-shirt)
(frantically runs around bedroom - grabbing all necessary clothes in sight - first bra,
sweater, socks, etc. I saw - I put on!)
ME: (talking to myself) "SOCKS! OK! SHOES! (grabs for sneakers) SHIT, no, no, TOO SLOW. BOOTS! OKAY. UH... NOTEBOOK! PENCIL! KEYS. SHIT."

So then I hop on my bicycle where I ride like a maniac to Dale Hall, running a busy light in the knick of time, waving through cars, people, etc. Somehow... I made it to class by 10:31! Don't ask me how... but it happened. I rule... under pressure (cue David Bowie).

Then spaced out for the rest of the class because I feel zombie-fried. K BYE NOW FOOD AND SLEEP.

NOTE: Next time crunch that tests my skills, remember more layers. My face and legs are frozen. The wind was brutal today.

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